Sales Development Execution

IScubed works hand in hand with you to execute your sales strategy and to generate a robust pipeline of qualified leads. Your sales experts can then take this pipeline and drive these leads to closure.


Lead Generation

Work With Experts

Working with a professional B2B sales lead generation firm allows a company to leverage their expertise in lead generation. They will connect you with the exact targets you want to talk with. You set the level of qualification and we articulate your value proposition, the result being that the prospect agrees to take your follow up call over a specified period of time. Iscubed will work with you to design the appropriate format and messaging for those introductory calls with your sales executives. 
When we generate a lead, we make certain they are not only willing, but eager to talk to one of your representatives.

Appointment setting

Grow Your Business

The primary difference between Lead Generation and Appointment Setting is that a specific time, convenient to both your prospect and you, is agreed to and a calendar invite is sent so that the appointment goes on the calendar. In our process, a confirmation call is made 2 – 3 days prior to the appointment to be certain your  prospect will be on the call. Another difference between lead generation and appointment setting is in the expectation that can be set. With a timed appointment, you can set the expectation that there will be a demo of your offering or a brief power point and the appropriate links sent in the calendar invite. Everything else, including your ability to set the level of qualification you desire for each prospect with whom you would speak remains the same. With appointment setting, you have far greater control of the call and your ability to move the prospect to the next stage of the sales process.

Virtual Office

Achieve Your Goals

We provide your “satellite” office!

You need a local presence but are not ready to rent space or hire staff. 

Iscubed will provide a U.S. address, a local phone number and a live person to answer the phone with your corporate name. All messages will be forwarded directly to your email.

If you need office space while in the US, it can be provided for you when you are in the area.


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